Friday, December 10, 2010

Unipolar Stepper Motor Drivers

There are actually many ways you can interface a stepper motor to your controller, out of them the most used interfaces are:

  • Interface using L293D - H-Bridge Motor Drive
  • Interface using ULN2003/2004 - Darlington Arrays
ULN2003/2003 Driver:
The below circuit is of unipolar stepper motor driver using uln2003. The "Controller pin 1",2,3 and 4 will control the motion and direction of the stepper motor according to the step sequence programmed in the controller.
Stepper Motor Driver
Two wire connection for unipolar stepper motor:
We have seen the generally used 4-wire connection method for interfacing unipolar stepper motor, but we can simplify the design to make controller use less pins with the help of 2-wire connection method. The circuit for 2-wire connection is shown below.
2-wire Stepper Motor Driver

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  1. u mean i can actually run the stepper motor without using any microcontroller? cool!