Saturday, March 27, 2010

Multi PIC Programmer

This Multi PIC Programmer works as a usual JDM Programmer,  This Multi PIC Programmer works as a usual JDM Programmer. When the switch-2 is on, this Multi PIC Programmer changes into VPP-FIRST mode.

The switch-2 will be used only when both INTOSC and internal MCLR options are selected (PIC12Cxxx,PIC12CExxx,PIC12F629, and PIC12F675,etc. Please refer to the data sheet of each PICs for more details).                                                                                                                                                                       Read more


Components Required: 
R1,  1.5k ohm 
R2,  10k ohm 
R3,  1k ohm 
R4,  100 ohm
R5,  10k ohm
D1-D4,  1N4148 
D5,   5.1v Zener
D6,  6.2v Zener 
D7,  Red LED 
C1-C2,   100uF, 16v Electrolyte
C3,   100nF Ceramic
Q1-Q2,  BC54
Q3,   BC557 
40 Pin ZIF Socket
 SW1, sliding switch
 SW2, on/off switch
 BD-9 Female
    The Circuits and PCB layouts can be downloaded from here

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