Saturday, August 22, 2009

PIC16F84a Chaser

This is an other kind of a LED Chaser in which the 'PIC16F84A' microcontroller, IC1, is used. The program that runs on this chip controls the LEDs attached to the output port pins. Resistors R1 - R8 limit the current through LED1 - LED8 to a safe level. Resistors R9-R13 provides a pull-up for the input connected to switches S1-S5. 4 MHz crystal is used for clock pulse generator & capacitors are used to ground the unwanted pulses.

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Note that VCC should not exceed 5v.
  • Resistors, R1 - R8 220 ohm 0.25W
  • Resistors, R9 - R13 10k ohm 0.25W
  • IC1 PIC61F84A
  • Socket for IC1
  • Red LEDs (8)
  • S1 - S5, Push Switches
  • Ceramic Capacitors,C1-C2 27pF
  • 4 MHz Crystal

Hex code:
Note: Just copy the below code and paste it in notepad and save it with '.hex' extension, as chaser.hex.


Now burn the ucontroller using JDM Programmer. For more details read my article "Getting Started with ucontroller".

In Eagle 3D LED Chaser looks like:

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