Saturday, December 8, 2012

DIY Desktop-Table LED Lamp

Hi guys lets do something woody!!! something you may wanna do!. If don't then,.... what can i say its your choice.Ok lets get started.
In this DIY i ll tell you the story of my diy wooden desktop and wall led lamp. So first of all the things required are: 1)round slick/rod of one inch dia.
2) Some nuts n bolts 

3) some washer 
4) 24 High bright LEDs 
5) 8 100ohm resistors 
6) 12v adaptor 
7) small piece if MDF board 
8) on/off switch
9) piece of flat thin wood (as you can see in fig bellow, actually i don't know the name of this wood!!! ) 

Thin Wood stick n round wood piece

Steps for DIY LED lamp:
Fig 2
  1. Cut the round stick about one foot, you can increase or decrease the height its all depends on you.
  2. Now mark the one inch, cut the round edges and leave the center; can't understand?? i knew it, see the picture above.
  3. After this cut the two pieces of one foot flat wood stick and round the edges with sandpaper (see in above fig).
  4. Now drill them all but remember the size of drill bit is slightly more than the dia of the bolt you are using; in my case its about 8mm.
  5. Sandwich the round rod/stick with the pieces of flat wood sticks with the help of nut, blot n washer. The arrangement is as follow:
  6. First insert washer in bolt then these into wood stick then washer then round stick then again washer then the other piece of wood stick
  7. then washer again then the nut. That is all, as you can see in the picture 2.
  8. Tight this assembly so it can easily be adjusted.
  9. Now connect the LEDS as shown in the circuit. I am using 24 LEDs eight parallel combination of three series leds. 
  10. For resistor value: each led forward voltage is 3v and can handle 30ma easily, so three leds makes 3vx3=9v and supply is 12v.
  11. so it gives r=(12v-9v)30ma=100 ohm. If you are using different supply voltage then calculate the value of resistor using the above equation. 
  12. And for wattage use w=i*i*r=.03*.03*100=.09 so quater watt is ok, use0.25watt resistors.
  13. Also note the supply voltage must be greater than 9v.
  14. Now assemble the circuit and cut the MDF board of same size. Then connect the LEDs circuit with the MDF board with the help of nut n bolts.
  15. After this cut the pieces of flat wood to cover the leds and plase and wire the on/off switch.
  16. Cut the two inch round slick and same as in step two(see picture). And attach it with the MDF board assembly as told in step 5 n 6,see fig 3 n 4.
  17. Now fix the whole assembly on the heavy base, i have iron foot as base!!! see picture 5.
  18. Connect the circuit with adaptor n hurrayyyyyy where is your complete table/desktop lamp.  

fig 3


fig 5

For the wall lamp every thing is same except the base. For that cut the MDF board about 3"x6" and the round stick as in third last step.

The other difference is; there are two points of ajdustment for table/desktop lamp, one is the flat wood and round stick junction and the other is the flat wood and MDF board. Where as the fixed wall lamp have three  points of ajdustment, the third one is on the MDF board base.

So its span is 180 degree on x-axis more than 180 degree in y-axis and about 180 degree for LEDs on y-asix. While the first one is not included
in the desktop lamp, but you can add it the same way, if you want.Picture of wall lamp in action!!!!

Rest of the Pictures:

nut bolt washer sample

LED assembly

switch and some tape!!!

wall lamp adjustable points
Lamp in action.

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