Wednesday, August 25, 2010

S.S Display & Manual i/p board

i used ss display and manual i/p board to interface it with 8051 Generic board, of course you can interface it with any other microcontroller. 
ICs required for this board are 74hc573 latch, 74hc238 decoder and 74ls48 BCD2dec converter . For their proper working operation refer to their datasheets.

74hc573 is used to store data so that the previous content on SS is not vanish when we disable LE pin. T0 select the proper latch 74hc238, 3x8 decoder is used. And to convert BCD into decimal, 74ls48 converter is used. Note that latches U1 to U4 are connected with C.C SS, so the output of 74ls48 will only go to these latches. Whereas latches U6 and U8 are connected to DP oF SS and LEDs respectfully. You can emit these latches i used them to distinguish between various mode i.e, digital clock, stop watch, counter and manual input etc.

For manual input DSW1 is used and J2 is the 8-way connector i used to connect it with 8051 Generic board, same for J1 connector. J3 and three switches are used to select the operating mode of this board, you can also emit these.

Note that during programming you have to be aware the J1 connections because this connector is controlling the whole board.


Final Assembly:
oppssss! i lost one ic

Components Required:
U1-U4,U6,U8,              74hc753
U5,                                 74ls48
U7,                                 74hc238
D1-D4,                           LEDs
D5-D8,                           SS C.C
DSW1,                            8-way dip wsitch
J1,                                  4-way jumper
J2-J3,                            8-way connector
Three button or 4-way dip switch
Zero ohm resistors 9 pics
2-way connector for power

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  1. Nice information about 8086 generic board. To tell about 8086 16 bit microprocessor chip, it plays a prominent role in circuit connections. The Integrated chip has 40 pins and its operating voltage is 5 volts. There are 14 16-bit registers and has a memory capacity of 1MB.